Stopping Grief

Grief Prevention

This server employs grief prevention to stop the grief before it happens. This prevents the use of abusive language, the unwarranted destruction of other players’ builds, the stealing of dead players’ items and many more forms of unwarranted behaviour.

The main feature of grief prevention is the ability to claim land. This prevents other players from accessing your storage and destroying your builds. However, we are not responsible if you fail to claim your land and an issue arises.

The amount of land you can claim will expand the longer you play. This gives you the chance to grow your vision as the server grows with it. However, if you remain inactive for over a month, your claimed land is left up for grabs and anyone can take it.


cross-play enabled

With Geyser

We feel as though the age-old divide between Java and Bedrock should be broken. That’s why we use Geyeser to link the two platforms together. So whether you are on PC, console or even mobile, you will be able to access our server to play with your friends.

Joining instructions may vary depending on what platform you wish to join with. Please read our FAQ for further details on how to join. If you have any queries please feel free to ask one of our members on our Discord server. We will do our best to get you online.