Making Minecraft Better

Our Mod Policy

We believe that mods should be allowed so long as they don’t enable cheating. So if you want to run mods that improve the quality of your game please feel free. We have included some mods below that we deem to be acceptable when playing on our server.

If you have the horsepower and would like to use shaders, please do feel free to do so without any reprise. We all like to see the beauty of our builds so why shouldn’t you be able to marvel at them in all their ray-traced glory.

Improving the Quality of Life

Allowed Mods

Below are some of the mods we deem to be ok for use on our server. These by nature improve and make the game easier to play, without taking away from the overall vanilla survival setting we aspire to keep.

JEI (Just Enough Items) is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft. It allows for easier crafting of unknown recipes.

Item Scroller is a mod designed for moving bulk items around your inventory. It also helps make for easier villager trading.

Litematica is a mod designed to create schematics so you can recreate them in the world. A must-have for complex projects.

MiniHUD allows for the display of several overlays to help with things such as spawn proofing. It also provides a mini F3 menu.

Tweakeroo adds a whole bunch of tweaks, from shulker box inventory overlays, to timed autoclicks to help AFK at farms.

Simple Voice Chat adds proximity chat to the server. This allows for players to communicate in the game without the need for external services.