How do I join?

For Java players head to the servers section in the games multiplayer menu and enter our address mc.panda-monia.co.uk. Then join the server.

For PC and Mobile Bedrock players head to the servers section in the games multiplayer menu and enter our address mc.panda-monia.co.uk, and default port 19132. Then join the server.

For Console Bedrock players this can be a little more involved. For this, you will have to use an app such as BedrockConnect, or change some DNS settings. Please use the same address mc.panda-monia.co.uk and default port 19132 as PC and Mobile.

For more information on PS4 and PS5 please visit this link. For information on joining with Xbox and Nintendo Switch please visit this link.

What is Land Claiming?

Land claiming gives players the ability to claim a little piece of this server for themselves. When land is claimed other players may not interact with blocks or storage unless they are trusted using the /trust <player> command. We are not responsible for your claims, and being griefed due to forgetting to claim land is your own fault.

Land can be claimed using a golden shovel or placing a chest on the ground. The more playtime you have on the server the more land you will be able to claim. Players who remain inactive and do not log in for a month will have their land claims removed at which point anyone may do with this land as they wish.

How do I Link my Discord Account?

This server allows people to link their Minecraft and Discord accounts. This allows for player roles to be displayed on your discord account. This can be done using the /link command in Minecraft and then using the code in Discord to link your account.

So if you are a Patreon Supporter, you can let people know by linking your account. This also will unlock any additional content that any of these titles may give you.

How do I Report a Player?

We take player safety seriously. We want this to be a safe server for people to enjoy themselves and have fun. If you do see someone breaking the rules, or being abusive then we ask you not to take this into your own hands and report them to us.

This can be done both in-game using the /report <player> <reason> command, giving as much detail about the event as possible. Alternatively, send one of our team a private message on Discord and we will aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

In order for us to resolve your issue it helps if you can gather as much information as possible. This can be in the form of screenshots, chat logs, or anything else that may be useful in order to determine the best course of action.